Braised Pork Trotters with Mrs So’s Stew Sauce 士刁醬燜豬手

How to cook Mrs So Stew Sauce Pork Trotters Recipes


Pork Trotter                        600g

Taro                                    300g

Leek                                   2 sticks

Parsley                               1 stick

Garlic                                  4 pcs

Ginger                                2 slices

Dried Orange Peel             1 slice

Star Anise                           4 pcs



Light Soy Sauce                  2 teaspoons

Mrs So's  Stew Sauce         2 Tablespoons

Oyster Sauce                      1 Tablespoon

Rock Sugar                         20g

Sesame Oil                         1 teaspoon

Chinese Cooking Wine       1 Tablespoon

Water                                  600g



  1. Burn the young hair off the pork trotter, wash and cut into pieces, marinade it with the light soy sauce for later use.


  1. Wash the taro and steam for about 20 minutes. Peel and cut into pieces for later use. Wash the garlic and parsley, peel the garlic remains as whole, parsley cut into pieces, ginger slice into pieces for later use.


  1. Remove excess water from the pork trotter, heat up the wok, put 2 tablespoons of oil, add in the pork trotter, garlic, ginger slices, and sauté until golden brown. Take out pork trotter, remove excess oil.


  1. Put pork trotter back, add in Mrs So Stew Sauce, add in all the remaining spices, seasonings and water, simmer for about 45 minutes until soft.


  1. Put the steamed taro in a clay pot, put the braised pork trotter and the sauce on top, add parsley and garlic, and cook for about 3 minutes before serving (you can remove the dried orange peel and star anise before serving).



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