*NEW* Opposita Noodle (Chinese Yam)

*NEW* Opposita Noodle (Chinese Yam)

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Traditional HK Noodles with actual ingredients blended in during making process. Noodles are steamed and baked; individually packed to  1) keep moisture away ; 2) freshness intact  with no preservative added ;  3) hygiene handling.

Opposita (Chinese Yam) Noodles

Wheat flour, water, opposita, salt, starch, sodium carbonate.

Chinese Yam is the root of yam’s plant. It contains starch glycoprotein, free amino acid, vitamins C, etc. It is beneficial to the lung, stomach, and kidney.

How to Cook :
Step 1) Bring 500ml of water to boil.
2) Place noodle in. Spread noodles with chopstick.
Step 3) Simmer for 2-3 mins more, depending on your liking.
(Noodles were already cooked in making, just need to absorb water to soften.)

*For Dry :
Dish out and add any of your favourite sauce. Mix well and enjoy the goodness of the springy textured noodles.

*For Soup :
Dish noodles out onto bowl. Drizzle some olive oil to keep noodles loosen. Prepare soup - Add any meat or seafood / vegetable
to the same water which you had cooked the noodles in . Bring to boil till ingredients are cook. Add salt/seasoning to taste. Pour soup over your bowl of noodles and enjoy the goodness of the springy textured noodles.

*To Fry noodles :
Soak in room temperature water for 3 mins. Loosen noodles and it is ready to be fried your style.

*Note : Noodles were already cooked in making, just require to absorb water to soften.*

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